Stablecoin payment with an escrow service and records

BitCheck is your safest way to send and receive cryptocurrency and funds. Your transactions are completed within minutes. BitCheck acts as an independent third party withholding payment until everyone fulfills their responsibilities in the transaction. Escrow without hassle.
Now you can add a contract to document agreed terms, warranties, representation, and other important information to add one extra layer of protection to your transactions.

Send instantly,
without borders

Send cryptocurrencies and funds instantly by BitCheck. Supported cryptocurrencies include USD stablecoins such as USDT, USDC, and BUSD, as well as other crypto on the XREX platform

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Escrow reimagined

counterparty risk

BitChecks are either released or canceled only when both parties agree, and you can easily finish these steps on the XREX app within minutes.

BitCheck is a secure, effortless, and quick third-party escrow transaction service supported by XREX, a team combined with world-class experts having over two decades of cybersecurity experience.

Everyone verified


All the parties you do transactions with are users who have passed XREX’s identity verification.

XREX uses world class KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundry) service providers, including CipherTrace and Sum&Substance, so that you can send and receive BitChecks with only trusted and verified individuals or corporations.

Recommended by
experts worldwide

Promotion period

No fees!

Without BitCheck, it can cost you up to 6% to send funds across the border. Right now, during our promotion period, sending funds through BitCheck is completely free of charge. With BitCheck, we promise you instant delivery with a reliable and secure escrow service. Your asset is borderless. Send funds worldwide now with BitCheck.


How does BitCheck work?

In a few steps, you can complete escrowed transactions with other parties at anytime, from anywhere, without hassle.

Add funds

add the funds you wish to escrow into your xrex wallet.

Make a deal

Make an agreement to deal with each other
and send a BitCheck!

Send the BitCheck

Select the recipient and currency you want to send. Enter the amount, leave a message and send the BitCheck.

Recipient receives your BitCheck

The funds inside the BitCheck are escrowed, meaning the recipient can not access the funds until the agreement is fullfilled!

Recipient delivers your goods

As agreed to by recipient, he/she will deliver goods to you: You can ask for proof of shipment or wait until you’ve received the goods.

Recipient requests release

Recipient fullfills agreements and requests the sender (you)
to release the funds escrowed inside the BitCheck.

You release the funds

Sender (you) releases the funds escrowed inside the BitCheck
to the recipient, and the recipient receives the funds!


Monthly $15+ million escrowed

Join now!

Enjoy the best escrow transaction service
eliminating counterparty risk

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